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26 October 2012 @ 05:37 pm
Hisashiburi desu ne! ^^  
Minna-san, ogenki desu ka? ^______^ It's been a while!
Well.. since I entered college, I've been busy all the time. Whenever I have free time, it's enough for my rest. Also, I visit here time to time only to check messages, to download, and to read updates. Now, this week, it's our semestral/college break! I have time to update my LJ.

Oh. About my .3GP VIDEOS, as what I have said on my previous post that I was working for the Beautiful World concert, I already did some. But, I'm really sorry, because I may not be able to finish it or to convert all the parts of the concert. Our college break is too short for me to work on that. Hontou ni sumimasen Oz m(._.)m

Then. I will just create a post for sharing the videos I have converted. Don't wait for that. I don't know when will be my next post here because even though we're on break, we are still busy doing other stuffs for school.
(EDIT (Nov.2,2012): I posted it already! click here)

That's all for now. I just wanna know how are you all my LJ friends! I miss you all :(
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