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Hisashiburi desu ne! ^^

Minna-san, ogenki desu ka? ^______^ It's been a while!
Well.. since I entered college, I've been busy all the time. Whenever I have free time, it's enough for my rest. Also, I visit here time to time only to check messages, to download, and to read updates. Now, this week, it's our semestral/college break! I have time to update my LJ.

Oh. About my .3GP VIDEOS, as what I have said on my previous post that I was working for the Beautiful World concert, I already did some. But, I'm really sorry, because I may not be able to finish it or to convert all the parts of the concert. Our college break is too short for me to work on that. Hontou ni sumimasen Oz m(._.)m

Then. I will just create a post for sharing the videos I have converted. Don't wait for that. I don't know when will be my next post here because even though we're on break, we are still busy doing other stuffs for school.
(EDIT (Nov.2,2012): I posted it already! click here)

That's all for now. I just wanna know how are you all my LJ friends! I miss you all :(
digitalian jun

Your Eyes, Face Down, and Lotus PV 3gp

I'M BACK with my 3gp videos! ^___^

and now it's in better quality than my previous vids :))

Gomen, only three for now.

NOTE: all these file are NOT mine. I got it all from youtube.

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  I'm currently working for the Beautiful World Concert vids. but, since I'll go to college starting tomorrow, I'll surely get busy. So I can't do it immediately.

Anyways. Comments are always loved
Arashi gif

More . 3gp Arashi Videos!

  Download and watch arashi videos on your phone!

  I converted some Arashi videos to .3gp format to be able to play on mobile phones (cellphones that supported .3gp video files). It was actually only for myself. And because many were grateful that I shared my converted videos, I did more. Anyway, don't expect an HQ/HD video.

*NOTE: All these files are not mine. I only converted it, from .avi to .3gp format.

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To see the other videos I have already shared, click http://matsu-abi.livejournal.com/23607.html.

Comments are loved

digitalian jun

91 icons from BW shop photos!

A long post.
  • 91 icons from Beautiful World shop photos.
  • Scans from saobang2211 
  • Credits are unnecessary but if you do, much appreciated :)
  • Comments are always loved

A I B A .

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J U N .

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N I N O .

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O H N O .

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S H O .


A R A S H I .

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nino cute ☺

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NINO!!! Here's a NINO mobile themes and wallpapers/flash!

A birthday post too :D
You just turned 17 again lol
Anyway.. stay as you are.. ♥

So.. here's the mobile themes and wallpapers/flash I created for NINO:
For Nokia only.
Just click the preview pics to download.


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I have for MatsuJun too, here.

Comments are so much loved :)
digitalian jun

Watch ARASHI on your phone! (.3gp videos)

Are you the person that can't live without your cellphone?
..that always bringing it anywhere you go?
I have something to share with you!

Download and watch arashi videos on your phone!
I converted some Arashi videos to .3gp type to be able to play on mobile phones (cellphones that supported .3gp video files). Some are just downloaded straight on my phone. I was keeping these videos on my phone for a long time. And now I want to share these to all of you. Don't expect an hq/hd video, I'm pretty sure you would still enjoy watching it, like me ^_^

*NOTE: All these files are not mine. I only converted it. I included the rightful owners/sources here and on file names.

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Comments are always appreciated :)
ohno scenery

Satoshi Ohno Icons. ♥ HAPPY BDAY RIIDA! ♥

 First of all,



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Because he just turned 30 today, I made..
30 Satoshi Ohno Dorky and Funny Icons.
With Love! and will share to other girls.
from different magazines and issues.
* I don't own any of the pic I used, just got the pics from my fb friend, eljhay.
With her permission, I made it an icons :)

Just leave a comment here when taking !
thanks and enjoy.. :]

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